SEA OF THIEVES - Yo Ho Ho a Pirates life for me!

Sea of Thieves is a 2018 action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Xbox Game Studios. You assume the role of a pirate who completes voyages from different trading companies in order to become the ultimate pirate legend.

When you first load into the game it can be a little overwhelming as to what you do first. As we were complete noobs, we decided to select 'Maiden Voyage' a literal quick CRASH course on the fundamentals of, moving, setting sail, navigation and anchoring (or in our case crashing). With the training session done it was time for day 1 on the high Seas.

With 3 ships to chose from it all depends on the size of your team:

  • SLOOP - 2 People

  • BRIGANTINE - 3 People

  • GALLEON - 4 People

So it was time for and ADVENTURE MODE' and as we (2 squad) were new we went straight for the Galleon! 10 minutes later we were overwhelmed with setting sails, getting anchors up or down, repairing the ship as we crashed into the island we wanted to loot, we regrouped and jumped into a Sloop.

Casual farming, learning the sail dynamics, learning how the map worked and even selecting voyages / quests were finally understood - The game appeared to have a nice calming effect......

All of a sudden the music changes, intense as if something is about to go down - BOOOOM a CRACKEN! - I wont spoil it but short story - we died. Day one over. The game had left me thinking that there has to be more to this game............


So I decided to jump online just before 10pm to farm some gold and decided to have an 'open crew' which essentially is matchmaking. I lobby up with Akihroz. We set sail on a sloop and complete a couple of quests.

Then the game takes a huge turn - we start battling ghost ships, sinking them one by one with loot everywhere! we start collecting the loot when realize, WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Cannon balls come flying in - we are under attack from a Galleon! RAISE THE ANCHOR! REPAIR THE SHIP, SET SAIL! We now have a war! We decided to engage even though statistically they had more players, cannons and technically more experience (given the full skin package the boat was rocking) we let the cannons off and BANG direct hit. We traded back and forth for about 20 minutes, attacking, repairing over and over until we conceded we couldn't win the gun fight,decided to test them on the seas instead.

What seemed like an eternity using harpoons and islands to handbrake turn, dropping and re raising anchors to fast turn, We decided to take it in turns to get on the enemy ship to drop their anchors to slow them down. Success!

Wait..... What! BRIGANTINE inbound! and a SLOOP! We were so focused on 1 ship there was actually 4 in pursuit! Then it happened - The Cracken spawns! Chaos follows for all ships involved - Repair, sail, attack, survive,repair and repair again we made it out alive, but so did the others.

The only solution was to crash the ship into the outpost, grab our best loot and make a dash for the sale. Chests in hand we waited - CRASH we jumped, we were chased, we sold, we engaged the chasers and killed them and stole their loot too!

As we got to this point of reflection of what just happened my heart pumping from the thrill of battle, the chase and the fact we beat all those other ships and got the loot i realize its now 2am!

So my final words on SEA OF THIEVES is in the beginning the mechanics are overwhelming, there is so much content you might not know what to do first and the ships can be overwhelming if you do not choose right. BUT if you have a day two like i did - i will certainly be looking forward to day 20, 200 and more!




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